Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marco Polo Reloaded Updates (Updated July 2012)

Here are a couple of updates on the Marco Polo Reloaded films:

German speakers can now view clips from the Marco Polo series at the website of Marco Polo Reisen.

The main Marco Polo Reloaded webdoc site is now locked to visitors from the US and UK (sorry, it's an international rights thing) but you can currently view the clips at Marco Polo Reisen and some are in English.

Over the last few months the Marco Polo Reloaded films have just been shown in Italy on Rai 5 Italian TV, in Germany on Hessicher Rundfunk, in Canada on the Knowledge channel where Canadians can watch episodes online, and on a three hour marathon event across Germany via satellite station 3Sat. Most recently it was on in July 2012 on German station NDR.

One thing to look out for in June is the unveiling of four Marco Polo Reloaded apps, for iPhone and iPad, which will include the four 52 minute films, as well as some photos and thoughts from the trip. The physical DVDs are even for sale on the German version of www.amazon.com

Thanks for reading. Safe travels for 2012!



  1. Hello Bradley,

    I'm currently watching Marco Polo Realoded on italian TV... it's really an awesom film, great job!

    Take care,
    Ivan (Bergamo - Italy)

  2. hello,

    what amazing movie. I was raised in Bulkh, Mazar-e-shiref, Afghanistan. move to Canada about 10 years ago.
    thank you! watching the show made me feel home....Bulkh is where my ancestors are from and i have few ancient coin that i hav no idea how far back it goes.



  3. This is a wonderful series. Thank you.

    Christina Mitchell

  4. Thanks Mariam, glad you got to see some recent footage of Balkh. We also went the the Shrine of Khoja Abu Nasr Parsa in the town centre and the wonderful No Gombad Mosque just outside Balkh but they didn't make it into this film.
    Thanks for writing. Bradley

    And thanks Christina for your comment - glad you enjoyed it! Bradley

  5. hi Bradley!

    What year the movie is produced ?

    Taliban killed over 3000 people in 1998, Sept . We survived and ran to Pakistan .....
    I lived in Mazar-e-sharife across the Medical school. little far away from Ali, the 4th and last leader of Islam, resting place.
    My grandfather and extended family still lives there ….lots of memories.
    I have been invited to be a guest speaker at University of Victoria, BC. Canada. The movie reminded me the rich history and culture of the region ...i will talk about it during my speech. Thanks again !


  6. Absolutely loved this series! Fascinating from beginning to end. I would also like to know what year it was filmed. Thanks so much for this!

  7. Hi,
    Fascinating to hear part of your story Mariam, and thanks for your comments Mr/Mrs Anonymous.

    Filming was in 2009, just before the Afghan presidential elections. We figured it was safer before the elections, rather than after...

  8. Such a great program, I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  9. Thanks Bradley. Your film series on Knowledge Network (I'm in Victoria, BC, Canada) was a real thrill to watch. I kept running to my computer to see where you had travelled (on Google Maps - satellite view) so that I could better visualize exactly where the trip had taken you. You do us a real service by showing us the marvels of other parts of the world, other ways of living, other norms. A much better representation than the partisan mayhem that the corporate media feed us in TV 'news'.

  10. Great doc! I'm in Victoria as well and have to give credit for Knowledge. Inspiring for an aspiring travel writer!

  11. Dear Bradley!

    such a nice documentary! I watched it already a couple of times. Beautiful soundtrack, and beautiful filming! The atmosphere conveys a kind of genuine curiosity about people and places that I liked a lot.

    Are you planning any other documentaries? I've been thinking for a long time to make a sort of documentary / study on markets and trade routes in the East (looking on traders in local bazaars, where they get their goods from, how these goods travel, from the big retail places in China to all these small markets in Asia, Russia and the Middle East), if you're interested, let me know!

    best wishes!


  12. Hi Bradley,
    just watched you passing through Turkey and Iran on german TV. you made me feel like packing my bag and hitting the road tomorrow.

    and you made me believe in lonely planet!

    thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thanks Sara, that's so nice to hear.
      Happy travels.

  13. Hi Bradly.

    I watched your documentary on a 3Sat today. Three Houres of inspiration and joy. Thank you for all the wonderfull pictures and the torment, you took for us.
    Please give us more.

    All the best to you and your family for 2013 from Hamburg/Germany.


  14. Dear Bradley,

    I watched your tv serie which I found amazing. You mentioned a book about Marco Polo, could you tell me where to buy it and the exact title of it?
    Thanking you in advance and with my best regards.
    Nicolas Franco

    1. Hi Nicolas,
      This is the first of two volumes and the edition I carried with me (though that was an earlier printing):



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