Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marco Polo Reloaded apps on iTunes!

The four Marco Polo Reloaded films are now available as apps on iTunes.

If you don't know, these films follow me as I retrace Marco Polo's route overland from Venice to China via the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia.
If you haven't been able to check out the films so far, each app contains one of the four films in English, plus some additional behind the scenes photos and thoughts on making the trip.

The four films are:
 * Venice to Turkey
 * Iran
 * Afghanistan & Tajikistan
* Through China

Read more about the apps here, where you'll find links to downloading the films through iTunes.

You can also download a free preview of the Marco Polo Reloaded apps by clicking on this link.
There's also a Q&A with me about the films and apps at the Get Addicted To website.



  1. Mr Mayhew, the films are gorgeous, wish to travel the same route

  2. Thanks Anonymous, appreciate your comment. It's a fabulous route to travel.

  3. Hi Bradley,

    on Italian television it has just finished the 2nd issue of Marco Polo Reloaded and I've seen it with the same enthusiasm of the first issue transmitted the last year. I was very excited, I love the route you make and the final destination, China. I hope in the next future to do the same travel! I heard in the last episode that you began studyng Chinese at about 20 years old and that changed your life. I love China and I began studying Chinese too, two years ago, characters included. I'm going to fly to Beijing on the next August 2nd and to stay there for more than three weeks, improving Chinese in a local school and hosted by a local family. I'm so excited, I'm 29 years old, I love travel and I hope that also my life will change soon!

    See you soon and congratulations for the help you still give to travellers by your precious guides!


  4. Thanks Antonio,
    That's great to hear and I'm glad you enjoyed the films. I wish you all the best with your Chinese studies!
    All the best,

    1. Hi Bradley! I apologize If I'm boring you but I would like to express all my enthusiam about my recent stay in Beijing! I received benefits on all aspects, from language to culture, without forget the wonderful sites I have visited! I also had the opportunity to dinner at the Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant. I think that you already know this place where you can eat a lot of dishes from the Xinjiang region! I have to say at that moment I felt like I were along the silk road. It was great! I hope to come back soon and see other wonders of China! In the meantime, 我祝你中秋节快乐!



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