Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marco Polo to be Broadcast in January

I finally have a date for broadcast of the Marco Polo films! Tune in to Arte at 7.55pm for five consecutive nights from Monday to Friday Jan 3-7.

The idea of the programe is to try to retrace the route of Marco Polo's 13th-century trip from Venice to Xanadu (Beijing), following as closely as possible Polo's original route while reinterpreting the spirit of his book by seeking out the kinds of things Polo was most interested in.

The film sees me mining for oltu tash stone in Turkey, tracking down an underground rock band in Tehran, on patrol with ISAF troops in Afghanistan, visitng the lapis mines of Badakhshan, flying over the desert oasis of Dunhuang in a microlite and fishing with cormorants in eastern China, all the time hitchhiking on trucks, buses and trains across Asia.

The Arte broadcast is in French, with further broadcasts on German channel SWR and then other German public television channels throughout summer 2010.

Monday's Film
Tuesday's Film
Wednesday's Film
Thursday's Film
Friday's Film


  1. Excellent. I wont miss any of these too short programmes on Arte. Too short, really. Bradley's smiling & open face is a philosophical lesson : how to be with other people, despite any difficulty of language, understanding...

  2. Hey Bradley,

    So I’ve been sitting in front of my TV every evening this week to watch your documentary.
    I’m really amazed at the trip you did based on your readings of Marco Polo.
    I think that your documentary is well built, really informative (i though Marco Polo brought pasta back from china ;) )... and that you've came up with amazing logistics behind the scenes... i mean traveling in theses regions is still not the simplest !! Your style is really all "in finesse" and the way you the trip really kept me on the toes during all the episodes. Through your eyes, I got a simple but to the point insight of a important chapter of history !
    I hope that you can come up with many more journeys like this !
    Take care !

    Christophe HIRTZ

  3. Hallo Bradley,

    mit grossem Interesse habe ich die Dokumentation Deiner Reise auf den Spuren von Marco Polo gesehen und die Filme ausgewertet, um die Bauwerke und Staedte an dieser Route besser zu verstehen. Sehr viel interessantes Anschauungsmaterial wurde geboten.

    Look: de.sci.architektur

    The Best

    Karl-Ludwig Diehl
    116 Seaman Ave
    New York, NY 10034
    baugeschichte (at) hotmail.com

  4. happy to discover these beautiful movies, but, unfortunatly, i cannot remember the name of the tehran's rock band... does someone know it?

  5. I sadly missed out on episode 2 t/m 4.
    Can I see them another time again?

  6. Hello Bradley
    thanks for that nice trip. I did already a lot of this trip in 1999, from Islamabad till Bejing passing the marvellous Karakorum Highway with a lot of 7000m mountains and the K2. I went to Venize, Istanbul, Damas, Iran, Japan... and found a lot of my travels back in yours. It was superb to remember mine looking at your travel: Yazd, Kashgar, Dunhuang and his dunes, the Mogao caves, Jiayuguan, the big wall on different places, Bejing... the Karakorum- and Gobi deserts... And of course I think an all those people who travelled anonymously along those roads during 100ds of years... Thanks again.


  7. Sorry, I wrote the Karakorum desert, it must be : the Taklamakan


  8. Dear sir,
    It is a beautiful piece of work!!! you are doing upgrade tourism in Nepal and all over the world. I am very very thankful to you and your hard work. best wishes from tourism development and tourist welfare center Nepal....

    prayash pudasaini



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