Saturday, January 1, 2011

Marco Polo links on Arte

***Please note that the Arte broadcasts are now over. For details of the SWR broadcast in October 2011 please click here. ***

Arte now have a dedicated web page for the Marco Polo series - see and

The programme also made it to the cover of the Arte magazine.

For hard-core fanatics there's also a dedicated Marco Polo Reloaded Facebook page, where you can post comments.

Short clips from the films are available by clicking on the country names on the map on this page.

Click on the links above to see the content.


  1. for everybody who want to catch up can see the films on the arte server for the next 7 days for free in german or in french. And here is the link:

    greetings from germany

  2. I watched 4 episodes already on arte tv. This trip is just amazing: pictures, people, colors, lost empires, so different languages... The silk road is very beautiful...
    And I like your way of thinking and your approach: you have such of respect for all this people! And you speak chinese! Very impressive!

    Thank you for this route of marco polo!

  3. just watched the show on Very cool stuff! I feel truly inspired, one of the best travel shows if ever seen. thank you very much!

  4. Thank you Bradley for your trip. I just finished to watch on Arte, it is really fantastic.
    So nice to share your experience of free man with us :-)

  5. Brilliant series, Bradley - the colours, the scenery, the amazing routes, the fabulous buildings ... and you are a very effective presenter, articulate, friendly and enthusiastic (and fluent in Chinese!).
    What are those Mongolian saddles like? I've always wanted to go there to ride; doubt I will now, so thank you for illustrating the dream.
    Bonne année & bonne route!

  6. my dear co-traveler-guest

    I watched you in all 5 series too.
    great stuff.

    good memories returned.


  7. Btw. is there an english version somewhere?

  8. Thank you very much for this journey, Bradley. It was a great pleasure to follow you on the route of Marco Polo and I liked very much your open-minded and friendly way to meet people. You showed transparent pictures of the world to me! Good luck for your further projects and I really do hope to see you again on German tv

  9. Elisabeth / FranceJanuary 9, 2011 at 1:54 PM

    What a fantastic journey Bradley! You've put images on Bernard Ollivier's books "Longue Marche".
    This French journalist walked from Istanbul to Xian at the age of 62 and retraced his journey in three books. Those who liked your documentary would probably enjoy this epic.

  10. Thanks for your comments, everyone.
    I hadn't heard of Bernard Ollivier's trip but it looks epic. I'll try to track it down, but my French is a bit rusty...

    We are working on an English version (it was all filmed in English) but it depends partly on finding an English-language distributor/channel to underpin it. Will let you know.

    Oh, and Mongolian saddles are pretty uncomfortable, though the ones in Chinese inner Mongolia are much better than the hard core Mongolian versions further north.

  11. Hi Arash,
    My fine Iranian travel companion! How are you my friend? Hope all is well with you and that you enjoyed the Iran sections.

  12. Just watched the 5 episodes with great pleasure: beautiful sceanaries, great people and great presenter. I enjoyed it a lot.

  13. Hey, with sojourn on your travels tracing back Marco Polo's tracks you eased my efforts this night to go on with my own project - an electro mobile plant that is - thus made my life a lot easier.(UNI)
    Of course i lively read the book and watching you in the place where the assassins garden once might were was a fantastic journey you shared with us.
    Recently I occupied me with topic on Aral Lake again,
    Did you ever travel this region?(Remember you traveled Tadzhikstan)
    Best Regards and Be Safe n' Sound Traveler!

  14. Good morning, Mr Mayhew. I watched all the episodes of you superb travel: thank you for this amazing present to our eyes!! Especially Iran and Afghanistan episodes were truly interesting.
    Buona strada for you next project and thank you for your precious guides!
    Vincenzo, Italy.

  15. Hello,

    I often look at Arte and I fell by chance on the emission " On Marco Polo's tracks ". It was exceptional. I envy you enormously and I admire you. I do not know if you can answer me but I would have wanted to know how you arrived at this writer's status traveler?
    It is the job which would interest me enormously. I dream about these journeys on these unknown lands and to cross these miles faces.

    Good bye !

  16. Hi Jeanne,
    I started writing guidebooks in 1995, writing a guide to Uzbekistan with a friend from university. I then contacted Lonely Planet with a proposal for a Trekking in Central Asia guide - they weren't interested in that but wanted someone to research in Pakistan and I'd led adventure tours there, so i signed up for that. I've been writing for LP for about 12 years now. What makes a good guidebook writer I think is a real passion and curiosity for a place, dogged perseverance, good language skills and extremely good organisation! Good luck with your own path!

  17. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for this. I've visited the Aral Sea from Uzbekistan near Moynaq and it's a sobering place for sure. Getting to the actual sea these days from Uzbekistan is really hard but seeing the rusting fishing boats is pretty easy. Cheers, Bradley

  18. Great documentary watched from knowledge network in British Columbia Canada. You have been a traveler for so mAny years now, therefore have you ever felt in danger during your travels? Do you think technology has improve your job for the better? Thank you for Your great work. Your humility and respect for the people you met during this documentary leave us hungry for more discoveries. Merci ;)

  19. Thanks GGfrenchteacher, that's great to hear.
    I've never really felt in danger, not even in Afghanistan where we had armed guards, our vehicle was checked for bombs every few hours and we had to wear flak jackets at the airport! I've never been robbed or assualted. Only once did I have a knife pulled on me and that was my fault as I sat in someone else's seat during a bus ride in Xinjiang...
    Technology has made my life so much easier as a travel writer. I can research and write much more easily on the road and call home on Skype whenever I can find an internet connection. But I miss the deeper immersion that came with a lack of email, Internet and mobile phones. These days it's so easy to have half of your brain connected to home through daily emails. I still don't own a mobile phone, so some technology I've been able to resist.
    Thanks for writing, Bradley.



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