Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hi, I'm currently in Laos and Vietnam on holiday so my apologies if I'm slow in replying to emails. Laos is a lovely laid-back place and Luang Prabang is really one of Asia's most beautiful cities, though I was pretty shocked at the sheer number of tourists in the country, since my last visit a decade ago. I'm currently in Hanoi, right in the middle of the Tet new year festival, so things are pretty slow with most businesses and restaurants shut. It's lovely to see everyone visiting their relatives and temples dressed in their Sunday best. More later from the trip. Bradley


  1. have a fantastic holiday! please do make a new documentary very soon! ;-)

  2. truly speaking,i stumbled across your writings while trying to find something for my essay but they have made my day...they are really insightful and much detailed!!keep going...

  3. Love your blog, and wanted to say thanks for helping plan my upcoming Central Asia trip. The writing style in the LP is so easy to follow, planning has been a breeze. All that's left are the visas!
    Take care.

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