Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back home

Sorry for the silence. Got back a couple of weeks back from a big Himalayan research trip to Bhutan (4 weeks) and Tibet (six weeks) via Kathmandu, Hangzhou and Khotan. A crazy threee-month itinerary of 24 flights! I'm now home working like a madman on Tibet and Bhutan guides for Lonely Planet but as soon as I get a minute I'll throw up some postings on the Druk Path trek in Bhutan, the overland trip to Western Tibet and trek around Mt Kailash, the trip out to the ruins of the Shang Shung kingdom in the Garuda Valley and even some Marco Polo filming in Hangzhou and Kashgar. Phew, it's been a busy summer. Oh, and I moved house.

Sorry, my wife actually moved our house.
Can't really claim credit for that one.

But I did all the rest, I promise.


Classic Pamiri Scenery of Gorno Badakhshan

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