Saturday, March 25, 2017

Latest Guidebooks

Forgive me, for I have some new books to plug.

Firstly, and out now, is the new edition of the Lonely Planet guide to Bhutan. This is a favourite of mine, and I wrote a blog post last year about some of the interesting new places covered in the guide.

Second up is a hiking guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, by Wilderness Press. This is my update of Andrew Dean Nystrom's original work. I worked with Andrew on the first edition of Lonely Planet's guide to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park and so it was great to work with him again on his excellent dedicated hiking guide.

For this edition I added a few hikes, including the ascent of Electric Peak and the Sky Rim trail in the far northwest of the park. Electric Peak is a great summit hike, best done as an overnight hike, while Sky Rim is a ridgeline day hike that takes you past petrified trees to great views of the Gallatin range.

For Grand Teton I added the Table Mountain trek, which offers a different perspective on the Grand Tetons; from the back side.

The title is out now.

And finally two upcoming books. In July comes the latest Lonely Planet China guide. For this I updated the Tibet chapter, which included a trip out to Mt Kailash in far western Tibet and the four day trek from Ganden to Samye.

Then comes Lonely Planet India. For this guide I updated the West Bengal Hills as I normally do, and also added the ancient Buddhist sites of Bihar. Visiting Bodhgaya was a real highlight for me, as was tracking a couple of 'new' ancient stupas to include in the new edition. That book is out in October 2017.


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