Thursday, July 2, 2020

A few recent articles

Just wanted to collect a few articles I've written recently on the Himalayas and beyond..

The first is an account of my recent trek through Nepal's Mustang region. There are more tips in this blog.

If you want to visit fabulous Yellowstone National Park and want to support its commendable sustainable tourism initiatives, here are a few ways you be a low-impact visitor simply by drinking beer and going fishing.

Sunset at Ice Lake backcountry camping site, Yellowstone

Further afield, here's some basic advice on planning a trip to Mt Kailash in remote Western Tibet. This is one of the world's great pilgrimages and a stunning overland trip.

And if you are headed Tibet for MT Kailash, here are some more of my favourite places where you can still experience the old Tibet, away from Chinese tour groups.

Back to Yellowstone, here's my article on the park for the UK Ramblers Association, Britain's largest hiking organisation.

Here's a couple of articles from Wanderlust magazine. This is my overview to help choose the right trek for you in Nepal. And this includes some of the best stops along the Silk Road, from Iran to western China.

Finally if you are headed to Bhutan, here are some tips on what to see and how to build an itinerary.

Hope these are of inspiration as you start to think about possible future adventure in a post-Covid world.


Classic Pamiri Scenery of Gorno Badakhshan

Current Favourite Track